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5 Month Internship

A five month professional internship in Israel is an impressive addition to your resume and will substantially boost your career development. This is the ideal opportunity for graduates looking to prepare for graduate school, enter the job market or switch careers. In five months you will get an authentic experience of what it’s like to live and work in Israel, get a solid introduction to Hebrew, learn practical skills to develop yourself professionally, through our exclusive Career Advancement Program (CAP), and also take part in tours and social activities around the country.

The Program

Top Israel Interns provides students with everything they need to have a meaningful, and valuable, internship experience in Israel. We are dedicated to helping each candidate find, and settle in smoothly, to the internship best suited to their career goals and preferences.

Our program includes:

Top Internships – Our placement coordinators have a vast network of leading companies and organizations looking for next generation of college students and graduates to aid them in their organizations needs.

Top Accommodations – As part of your program fees, we include high-end apartment accommodation in the city centers of either Tel Aviv, or Jerusalem.

Top Training – Our programs offer more than “just an internship”. You are given hands-on mentorship and are trained in practical career development skills, including resume writing, professionalism, interview skills, personal branding, career planning and more.

Top Value – We offer a high-quality program at a competitively low price.

Program Content

First Month

  • The first day of the program the group will have Orientation and a tour of the neighborhood.
  • The first Friday of the program will include a traditional Shabbat experience with your group, which involves walking to the western wall and enjoying a festive meal together.
  • Each morning will begin with an Ulpan class (Hebrew language class)
  • Most afternoons the group will go on group trips and have Israeli cultural experiences.
  • Activities and trips include: Old City Tour | The Kotel Tunnels | Knesset Tour | Mount Hertzl | 2 Day Trip to Eilat | ATV Desert Trip

Second Month

From the second month forward the main focus will be on the internships and career development training.

  • Most activities and training sessions will take place in the evening.
  • Activities and trips include: Israeli Politics |  Supreme Court Visit | Israeli Movie Night | Day Trip to Tel Aviv | Group Dinner | Group Volunteer Project | Bi-monthly Ulpan Class | Group Session | Intro to Israel Workshop

Third Month

  • Activities and trips include: Israeli Politics | Israeli Movie Night | Group Dinner | Group Volunteer Project | 2 Day Trip to South | Guided Tour of Israel Museum | Group Session | Bi-monthly Ulpan Class

Fourth Month 

  • Activities and trips include: Israeli Politics | Israeli Movie Night | Group Dinner | Group Volunteer Project |Bi-monthly Ulpan Class | 2 Day Trip to the North | Tower of David visit | Internship Session | Group Session

Fifth Month

  • Activities and trips include: Israeli Politics | Israeli Movie Night at Cinema | Group Volunteer Project | Bi-monthly Ulpan Class | Lifta Springs Trip | Final Internship Session | Group Session | Goodbye Party

Cultural Experiences 

In addition to the above, before each Jewish holiday we have a group session to learn about the meaning and customs of the holiday, and for those participants who are interested, we arrange for them to spend the holidays with host families.

Over the course of the program we keep participants informed about events going on in Israel at the time, should they wish to take part. We also give them opportunities to interact with Israelis their age and immerse themselves in the culture.


The Application Process

To discover the right internship for you, we have fine-tuned the application process. Our recruitment team breaks down your search into five easy steps.

Step 1: Initial Chat with a Program Representative

During this chat, we get to learn more about you. Any questions you may have are answered, and our program rep will give you a better idea about what we’re all about.

Step 2: The Interview

During this interview, we get to learn more about your career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, what you’re studying, and previous work experience. Don’t have much experience? No problem. That’s what we’re here for.

Step 3: Fill Out the Paperwork

At this point, we send you all the necessary forms to fill out. This includes a link for the Masa Grant application, and our program acceptance form. We also request that applicants send us their resume and cover letter, and make a down payment of $200 for us to begin the search for your ideal internship placement.

Step 4: The Internship-Hunt with Your Own Employment Coach

One of the things that makes our program unique is the career and life coaching included as part of the package. Your employment coach will help you discover the best opportunities for your professional development. In addition, we teach you how to optimize your resume, and cover letter, in order to land your dream internship.

Step 5: Quality Assurance

During the course of your internship, your employment coach will periodically be in touch with you and your mentor to make sure things are running smoothly. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, we will  help you find an alternative internship. We are dedicated to your success, and are looking forward to helping you launch your career.