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All apartments pictured are real apartments that we use as part of our programming. Nevertheless not all of our apartments are pictured above and you may be housed in a different apartment (of equal standard) to those shown above.

At the beach
Friends along the beach
Handstands on the Beach
Dressed up in Costume
Floating in the Ocean
Graffiti Art
Couple at the beach
Yellow Sweatshirt
Sitting in the Negev
Sunflower picture with the Salad Trail
Wearing MASA T-Shirts
Artists in the City
I love Jerusalem Sign
Enjoying the beach
Beautiful Background
Yoga in the Desert
Spray paint
Girl with Blue Sunglasses
Enjoying Nature
Jumping for Joy
Hiking in the Desert
Rappelling in the Desert
Camel photo
Tel Aviv
Group Selfie
Beautiful View of Tel Aviv
Boat Trip
Climbing in the Desert
Outside the Israel Museum

About TLV

Tel Aviv is quickly becoming one the most innovative economic hot-spots in the world.

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About Jerusalem

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