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Preparing for your position An in-depth lecture by a Senior Member of Globaleyes, covering the nuances of Israeli workplace culture and how to succeed in an position in Israel. You will learn about the cultural difference between Israeli and other typical western professional practices. Additionally you will gain a better understanding about what to expect in your position and how to gain the most from your experiences’.
CV/CL Writing + Interviewing This is a hands-on workshop, given by a resident expert of our TII team. Each intern will bring a copy of their CV and CL.The discussion includes tips on writing a killer resume and cover letter, evaluating body language and insights on how to land the best job for you in the future.
Office Relationships Covering different aspects of the workplace: dealing with different scenarios with colleagues and managers, being part of a hierarchy and tips about office etiquette. Learn the best way to handle yourself in a professional way and keeping the office space strictly business.
Networking Networking workshop with a senior member of the Idecide team. Idecide have been specializing for more than 10 years in workshops and counseling on career issues. This session will teach you how to network in both Israeli and Western environment.
Self Branding Lecture by a Senior Recruiter at top recruitment firm in Israel. Learn how to “brand” yourself, creating a solid foundation for professional success.
Navigating Your Career in the Right Direction Millennials everywhere are discovering that the specifics of their path, and the way they navigated it to suit their needs, depends largely on unexpected opportunities. In other words: happenstance. How do you identify the key driver of your career? How do you practically implement behaviors, that would increase the likelihood of landing the best path for you? A career path that provides your essential needs and wishes? This lecture is designed to answer those questions exactly, as well as to identify your own 'career anchor', so that you can easily and successfully make the best choices.
Time Management This interactive, hands-on session is run by a Life Coach, helping you to pinpoint where the holes in your day are, how to identify the weak spots and help eradicate them. This session will help you be more time-efficient than ever.
Now what… A guest lecturer will talk about the different paths to success: when to start looking for a new job, how to climb the hierarchical ladder within a company, and how to switch your career from your home country to Israel.