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Top 10 Experiences En Route To Adulthood

We encounter a lot of “firsts” en route to adulthood and a career. Some moments we’ll forever look back on and cringe, while others we’ll remember fondly. This is our Top 10 Experiences En Route to Adulthood, all small achievements and milestones which make up the bigger picture, and make us into the adults we are.


1. Passing Your Driver’s Test

Don’t like the vibe? Grab your keys and go. Want a burger at 2am? Grab your keys and go. Let’s put it simply, being able to drive = freedom.


2. The First Day of College


“Look at the person next to you, there’s an 80% chance they will drop out in the next 3 months…”  – The classic speech they use to instill fear and diligence in all new college students since the beginning of time.


3. The Day You Graduated


The moment when all your “all-nighters’, stress,  assignments, and exams finally paid off.


4. Buying Your First Car


You never forget your first set of wheels. Maybe it was new and shiny, or rusty and full of “character” – either way, it was yours and symbolized your freedom.


5. Moving Out Of Your Parent’s House


You share the place with a few other housemates, but who cares right? It’s still your own space, so turn up the music up!


6. Your First Job Interview

You were just meeting another human being, not encountering a rabid werewolf, but the fear was real.


7. Your First International Trip Alone

Freaking out about making your connection, checking your passport again and again to make sure it hasn’t expired since you checked it 10 minutes ago…


8. Getting Your First Real Job 


Not every first job is a good one, but it’ll always be the one you look back on and remember as the job that got your career started.


9. Getting Your First Paycheck


It’s not much but it feels like a fortune! Should you go shopping, buy a flight to nowhere, or put down a deposit down on a vacation house?


10. Receiving Your First Bill in the Mail


Nothing spells adulthood more than a bill with your name on it!

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