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Research and Development at Sport Innovation Ltd

Sport Innovation Ltd
Research and Development : Data Scientist, Developer, UI/UX designer
Jerusalem / Tel Aviv

Position 1
Data Scientist (R&D)
We are looking for a data scientist to push the boundaries of what can be measured or extracted from
measurements using wearable and wearable sensors. You will have large responsibilities in generating or taking
ideas and growing them into a final product. You will perform analysis to determine what is interesting and useful
in sensor data, design experiments to collect that data, and design extremely robust but lightweight algorithm.
Experience with programming and scientific computation (Matlab, Python, and/or other C/C++ languages).
Numerical programming on embedded targets a big plus.
Time-domain and frequency domain discrete-time signal processing algorithms – advantage
Parameter estimation and tracking algorithms such as HMM, Kalman Filter, etc. – advantage

Position 2
Developer (R&D)
We are looking for a developer do support our R&D process. It includes building and maintaining a database,
developing over several android SDKs and writing scripts to integrate different parts of R&D.
Experience with My-SQL and Android
Friendly, articulate, and interested in working in a fun, small team environment

Position 3
UI/UX designer (R&D)
Designing a mobile app will be used by coaches and players. Working with our marketing team on the creation of
Experience in designing intuitive mobile apps (please send portfolio)

About Sport Innovation Ltd

S-Plus is a performance enhancement analytics platform for non-professionals in team
sports. It provides coaches and players the essential metrics that they need in order to track performance, design
personalized training programs, increase motivation and enhance enjoyment. It is based on wearable sensors,
which are placed on the player’s legs with no hassle. The data collected is processed using our proprietary AI
tools, that in turn transforms it into intuitive actionable metrics. Our mission is to provide non-professionals with the
tools and knowledge to play better while increasing their overall game experience.


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