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Meet The Intern – Rebecca Soverinsky

Name: Rebecca SoverinskyRebeccaS
Field of Study: communications major and writing minor at the University of Michigan
Position: Rebecca chose to spend this summer in Tel Aviv, furthering her career aspirations at Xhibition, a cutting-edge marketing firm specializing in PR, branding and design and content production.
What has her job involved?
Rebecca has been given real-world responsibility, and has been taking care of an account just like a true employee of the company. She loved how Xhibition and her mentor, Rebecka, taught her invaluable skills and trusted her with high-level responsibilities.
What do her employers say about her?
Rebecka loved having Rebecca on the team, calling her “creative and professional” who “gave a lot to the company.”
And Rebecca, how does she feel about her experience?
Rebecca says she thoroughly enjoyed her time at Xhibition, and wishes it didn’t have to end! She feels more confident in her ability to work in a professional setting, and can’t wait to use her new skills in the future. Way to go, Rebecca! 😉
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