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5 Career Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Millennials are impatient. We’re not willing to wait around for the kettle to boil, and likewise we’re not up for taking 20 years to creep slowly up the corporate ladder.  If we’re not willing to do the time, it means we need to work with strategy to get what we want. Successful careers still need to be earned, but here are 5 Career Hacks that will make the hard work pay off, and speed up your journey to the top.

1. Put effort into making your resume look good

First impressions matter. That is not news. So why do people put so little effort into the content and design of their resumes? Even a little bit of color goes a long way to making your resume stand out in a pile. If you don’t have the skills to write and design it yourself, it really is worth the investment to get a professional to do it for you. If you have the basics, but just want a more eye-catching layout, then there are tons of free and affordable templates available online. The idea is to stand out. As we at Top Israel Interns like to put it, “Don’t be Average When you can be Exceptional.”

2. Treat your career like a business

After all, that is what it’s supposed to be, right?

– Every business has a business plan with clear goals and a strategy to achieve them, so should you.

– Don’t be ruled by emotion and stay in a job just because you like the people or the boss is nice.

– Assess what you have already learned, and what you still have the potential to learn, then make your moves accordingly.

3. Don’t stick to your cubicle

– Learn skills from co-workers who are in positions that you admire and try to understand what their jobs entail.

– Build relationships with people whose careers you admire, and who can mentor you towards achieving your goals.

– Ask for more responsibility. In addition to it allowing you to learn more on the job, it also shows that you are an asset to the team.

4. Confidence, if you not born with it, fake it until you make it

Excuse me, but Richard Branson is also just a guy, and everyone must start somewhere. Self doubt and talking yourself down achieves absolutely nothing except time wastage. If failure is your reason for doubting yourself, then take a minute to google “famous failures” and realize that failure is often part of the most successful journeys.

– Remember, if you’re confident in yourself, others will be confident in you, and will trust you with more.

5. Practice the Fast Growth Formula [ Learning + Experience = Growth ]

No matter how much you study or read you’ll make mistakes when you enter the workplace, but it’s these experiences that make you competent at your job.

– Don’t shy away from experience for the fear of making mistakes. If need be, find a safe environment to make mistakes, for example an position.

– Don’t get stuck in the books, and underestimate the value of experience. Start getting practical experience while you’re a student so you’re marketable upon graduation.

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