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Writing Your Life Vision

It’s a simple question, but it’s not. “Who do you want to be?” Do you know?
Writing your Life Vision either sounds monumental, or it sounds like a silly waste of time. Truth is, it is neither.
It doesn’t have to be complicated. This isn’t about knowing everything you want to achieve in life, it’s about knowing what’s important to you, deciding who you want to be, and what your values are. Once you know that, you can use it to determine your goals, and weigh up your priorities. It makes decision making in every area of your life so much simpler.
Should you take that job?
Should you marry that girl?
Should you relocate?
Should you adopt a cat?
It doesn’t need to be complicated, even a basic outline can serve as an amazing compass for your life, and do wonders for simplifying the decision making process.
Having a Life Vision keeps you on track. In case you haven’t noticed, most of the accomplished people in this world have a vision for their lives and know their priorities, while the drifters, the one’s who are just passing time, generally don’t. By drifters, we don’t necessarily mean lazy – when you’re trying to do everything, you achieve nothing. There is immense power in focused effort.
So let’s get the ball rolling…

How Do You Write a Life Vision

Grab a pen and paper and answer the following questions:
  1. What matters in life? This isn’t personal, so much as what you think all people should value. Is it affecting the people around you positively, making the world better, religion, the environment…?
  2. What matters to you? This can include health, relationships, wealth, experiences – anything. List them in order of importance.
Now, for each of your categories you listed in questions 1 and 2, write down what you want or need from each in order to be proud and content.
These two questions should be the foundation of your vision. If you would like to expand on it, try answering the following:
  • When you die, what would you like people to say about you?
  • What is the most you believe capable of in life? If you were given all the resources and motivation.
  • What life do you want to have lived by age 30, 40, 50 and so on?
  • What kinds of people do you want to share your time on earth with?
  • What things do you wish you could change in the world?
Finally, write a statement that describes what your ideal life looks like. Cheesy, right? Go for it anyway. This is a brilliant example we stumbled upon written by Ruben, the man behind Think Grow Prosper. It’s simple, but it sums up his values perfectly.
ScreenHunter_178 Mar. 08 08.55
Nice idea: Take a picture of your statement and make it your phone screensaver, or if that’s a bit much for you, put it in your daily planner or somewhere where you know you will see it often enough to keep your priorities in check.

Photo cred: Instagram, Ruben – @Think.Grow.Prosper

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