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The Quick 10 : Different Things to do in Tel Aviv

When you think Tel Aviv, you mostly associate it with nightlife and beautiful beaches. Both are big parts of what makes this Mediterranean city so popular, but here are a few different things to do in Tel Aviv which will give you a more unique experience of this beautiful coastal city.

1. Take a Free Walking Tour of Tel Aviv


The Tel Aviv municipality has put together a series of weekly tours in English for tourists and locals to enjoy free of charge.
  • A tour of Bauhaus architecture and Tel Aviv’s history: Saturday at 11am – Meeting point: 46 Rothschild Boulevard
  • General tour starting with Old Jaffa ending at the Hapisga Garden: Wednesday at 9.30 am – Meeting Point: The Clock Tower
  • Tel Aviv University tour & intro to architecture and landscape design: Monday at 11am – Meeting point: Dyonon bookstore, campus entrance

2. Yoga on a surfboard

What a way to connect to the Mediterranean and get your daily exercise! SUP Yoga combines stand up paddling and traditional yoga into one completely zen experience. They offer classes at sunrise and at sunset each day.

3. Rent a bike or boat in Hayarkon Park


The boat rental station is close to Ebn Gvirol Bridge and operates between 9am to 9pm daily. The bike rental stands are located all around the park. Both are really affordable and give you a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

4. Browse the Nahalat Binyamin Street Market


Open every Tuesday and Friday from 10am until sundown, the market is located along the Pedestrian Mall on Nahalat Binyamin and features over 200 stalls.

5. Skate the City


All you need to join is a pair of blades or roller-skates. The Tel Aviv Rollers meet at Habima Square at 10pm every Tuesday night with the simple goal of skating across the city and having a good time.

6. Admire the Most Bizarre Sculpture


The sculpture at the top of Dizengoff Square is weird to say the least. It spits fire and water, plays loud classical music, spins around and turns into a light show come nightfall – it really is strange enough to want to see it with your own eyes.

7. Go Spice Shopping at Levinsky Market


Generally tourists head straight to the Carmel Market, but if you’re going to be calling Tel Aviv your temporary home it’s definitely worth trying out some authentic flavors at Levinsky Market and stopping in at one of it’s restaurants.

8. Go on a Pub Crawl


We all know Tel Aviv is the epitome of nightlife. So where to get started? Try sampling some of the best with an organized pub crawl. Your ticket includes a few drinks so you’re guaranteed a good night out and value for money.

9. Walk the City With a Local


“Tel Aviv Greeters” is an organization which offers free walking tours of the city with local volunteers. The program matches visitors with residents who just want to meet new friends and share their love of the city.

10. Take a Dip in the Gordon Swimming Pool


It looks like any other Olympic sized pool, but it’s drained and refilled daily with seawater pumped in from a mile offshore. The pool is located on Gordon Beach and is open from 5am to 7pm each day.


Photo Cred: Image no. 2 courtesy of SUP Yoga Tel Aviv ; Image no. 3 Participant picture by Jake 2017

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