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Marketing strategies

Clever IX
Marketing strategy
Tel Aviv

Clever IX is supports the growth of a multitude of companies from a marketing perspective.

As an intern you will be trained to work with the team to develop the marketing strategies of a portfolio of growing businesses.

You will be working together with the team of experts in one of the following fields; digital marketing in the company, business development, affiliation marketing, tech solutions for marketing and the website.

About Clever IX

Cleverix is a small team of talented designers, product and marketing experts with extensive experience in delivering successful marketing strategies using innovative approach, techniques and methods that prove to be the most effective and drive the most impact!
We are creative marketing services professionals, strategists and advertising consultants, who combine talent, experience with hard work to translate your vision from ideas into viable solutions and tangible results! All our team members are super passionate about tackling business challenges and creating effective marketing strategies to grow our clients’ businesses.

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