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Business development, design, marketing, advertising, sales, operations

Homrun Group
Business development - Placement will be suited to abilities
Tel Aviv

Internship job title: Varies depending on ability. Some examples of previous intern titles: business
development, design and marketing, business analyst, operations, etc

Interns at the Homrun Group become a vital part of our
team while you are with us. We involve you in a wide variety of projects and you will collaborate with
the entire team. We work with you to tailor specific projects to your interests and abilities.
This can include business development work, marketing, research, design, operations, to building a
new onboarding structure and tracking its implementation.
We’re looking for young professionals passionate about helping Israeli companies, working in a
dynamic environment where we support learning.
We want you to have a strong work ethic and a lot of enthusiasm for developing your skills and your
career in the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem.
We’d love to hear from you.

Department: Business development, design, marketing, advertising, sales, operations

Native English.
Your schedule will be flexible but a strong commitment is expected.
We expect you to have a great attitude, desire to learn and meet new people, lots of energy and
enthusiasm. Most of our work happens on the computer and online. No coding knowledge necessary,
but using PowerPoint, word and excel shouldn’t scare you.
You should be willing to take on any project, large or small.

About Homrun Group

We help Israeli companies sell their innovative products abroad by
using the power of the Zionist community to open doors and create opportunities for Israeli