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The Quick 10 : Different Things To Do In Jerusalem

Spoiler alert: There’s much more to keep you busy in Jerusalem than religious sights and museums. When you think of Jerusalem’s ancient stone walls, religions and relics, you might find it a bit hard to imagine a city of young people, which organizes popular festivals…
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Meet The Intern – Rebecca Soverinsky

Name: Rebecca Soverinsky Field of Study: communications major and writing minor at the University of Michigan
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3 Secrets to Making the Most out of Your Position

So, you’ve gotten to your position, and everybody seems nice. They’ve showed you around the office, introduced you to the staff, and even shown you the coffee machine! Now, it’s finally time to sit at your desk…
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The Graduation Party That Changed Everything

I remember my graduation party from college like it was yesterday. It was a cool Summer day in Chicago, and the elation amongst my classmates was palpable. Sitting on the porch of the dorms was a friend of mine…
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An Act Of Kindness Goes A Long Way

While walking around the city today, I saw a sign for a dog who had been found. It made me really happy not only that someone found a lost pup, but also that he or she went of the way to post signage and help find this guy his proper home…
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