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December in Jerusalem

If you think winter in Jerusalem means curling up indoors and watching re-runs you would be mistaken. December is the time to get out there and experience the best of Jerusalem – on a students budget.
“Hamshushalayim” (the rather hard to pronounce name for Jerusalem’s festival of winter events) offers the incredible opportunity to enjoy a wide range of cultural events, restaurants and tours over four exciting weekends in December.
An amazing attraction for Israelis and tourists alike, the Hamshushalayim winter festival offers you the opportunity to become well acquainted with Jerusalem’s night life, culture and art.
During four consecutive weekends in December Jerusalem will light up at night for the Hamshushalyim festivities: street theatre shows, exciting night tours, musical performances are what’s on the menu each weekend, starting from early dusk until the early hours of the morning.
In addition, various cultural institutions, museums, theatres and art galleries will be open to the public every Thursday night free of charge. Also, to help you keep up with the Jerusalem groove, restaurants around town will offer special low priced menus.
Get out there and experience Real Life in Jerusalem!
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