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Tag Archive: Career

How to Make a Lasting Impression at Your Internship

Getting the max out of your internship involves making a lasting impression on the people you work with. Sure, you’re mostly there to build your professional skills, but let’s be honest, a strong contact list is really the game changer…
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Writing Your Life Vision

Your Life Vision doesn’t have to be complicated. This isn’t about knowing everything you want to achieve in life, it’s about knowing what’s important to you, deciding who you want to be, and what your values are.
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How to Discover What You’re Good at

If you don’t know what you’re good at, how can you possibly become exceptional at it? We all want to be successful, but if we don’t know where to target our efforts, it’s unlikely we’ll reach our full potential. If you “sort of know” what you’re “kind of alright at”, that’s also not…
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Thinking About Lying on Your Resume?

Embellishment or Lie? Telling a girl you were the star of your high school basketball team when you really rode the bench can be defined as embellishment. Telling that girl you were scouted by the Timberwolves is a lie.
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Dress for Success

Fashion and clothing blogs not for you? Donโ€™t worry. If you want to dress for success, keep reading. This is not your typical “what pantsuit looks best on you” piece. We’re not going to get into colors and patterns, one button vs. two, or whether you must wear sensible pumps every day.
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5 Career Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Millennials are impatient. We’re not willing to wait around for the kettle to boil, and likewise we’re not up for taking 20 years to creep slowly up the corporate ladder. here are 5 Career Hacks that will make the hard work pay off, and speed up your journey to the top.
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